Dudley launches new Beta+ part 3 float valve, the world’s most adjustable float valve

Thomas Dudley Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of Beta+ part 3, the world’s most adjustable float valve.

Available in both side and bottom inlet options, Dudley Beta+ offers the greatest range of adjustment of any float valve. The float arm extends from 6” – 10” and locks securely in place once set to the required length. An additional simple red clip is provided for absolute security. The float connector rotates 180degrees providing a flexible fit and a free low-pressure seat allows for an easy switch, when greater flow is required to fill the tank.

In addition, Beta+ provides unrivalled flexibility with its unique ability to allow the float arm to be fixed in a choice of three positions. Ensuring that the valve can be quickly and easily configured so that it does not interfere with the flush valve or syphon, it offers a universal solution that is compatible with most WC cisterns to save plumbers time and money on site.

All Dudley products are designed to make installation and servicing simple. Beta+ was originally launched under the Epson brand, from sister company, Masefield-Beta earlier this year. Due to the success of the product, installers have asked for it to be it to be included under the Dudley Profit+ rewards scheme so that they can collect reward points. Dudley’s installer incentive scheme, ProFit+ has been championed for over 5 years and the loyalty scheme allows members to accumulate points which they can redeem for products, vouchers, clothing and more.

To sign up to ProFit+ visit www.thomasdudley.co.uk/profit and grab 50 free points for new registrations.