Thomas Dudley’s upgraded Kunkel Wagner line offers new production capabilities

Thomas Dudley’s award-winning foundry division has upgraded its Kunkel Wagner line at its Duport Foundry, offering new production capabilities.

The upgrade to this facility increases flexibility and provides the capacity to manufacture 120 boxes per hour. Castings can also be made in all grades of grey/ductile/ADI incorporating both shell and cold box cores. 

The KW line modernisation is part of an ongoing development and improvement programme that has been implemented since Thomas Dudley acquired the West Midlands foundry in 2014. All electronics have now been upgraded to Siemens 7 and new hydraulics supply and moulding infrastructure have been installed. 

Mick Cramphorn, Foundry Director said: “Our commitment to investing in technology remains at its strongest ever. We thrive on continuous improvement to enhance our world-class engineering capabilities. With that said, we can now offer even higher quality castings with increased output speed and capacity to meet the most demanding deadlines. We provide reassurance of supply through exceptional reliability whilst designing and manufacturing tooling and cores in-house quicker than any other European foundry.”

The upgrade further enhances the business benefits delivered to customers with improved quality, even shorter lead times and greater cost effectiveness. The Thomas Dudley (Duport) site is located a short distance from the company’s head office based in Dudley, and specialises in manufacturing grey and ductile iron castings up to 90Kg in weight. For any other information or enquiries, email, Tel: +44 (0) 121 530 7000 or visit