Our Smoke Testers are used for testing the directional flow in drains, pipework, flues and chimneys. Manufactured in the UK from high quality materials. The pellets can be used for spillage testing in accordance with BS 5440-1:2008 & Building Regulations Approved Document J:2010.

  • White smoke
  • Matches: 20 second burn time over 1.4 cubic metres
  • Pellets: 40 second burn time over 18m³ of smoke
  • Clean to use, no residue
  • Cool to touch after burning
  • Harmful if swallowed – keep out of reach of children
  • Do not breathe smoke
  • Manufactured in the UK
Part Codes Desc
BBDRSP Smoke Pellets Tube of 6
BBDRSM Smoth Matches Box of 12