Over the last decade, the trend for installation of European and European-style sanitaryware in the UK has and continues, to grow substantially. The main difference between traditional UK installations and the current European styles is the syphon/valve outlet sizing. In the UK this has always been traditionally. 1/1/2″ (38mm), whereas the European standard is 2″ (50mm). To fit a European cistern to a standard pan requires a flushpipe capable of reducing from 2″ at the outlet, to 1.5/8″ where it is attached to the pan.

Quite often, even where a suitable flushpipe has been supplied with the original cistern fittings pack, it is found that they are not always of an adequate length to cover all situations, particularly when it comes to concealed or frame fitted installations. The Europipe is designed to overcome these types of installation problems.

  • Manufactured from one piece, rigid white PVC, it has high strength and rigidity, allowing for a good seal to be made at either end, and maintaining a full flush.
  • With its standard size being 18″ x 18″ this allows the installer to cut the pipe horizontally or vertically to size, allowing greater flexibility in cistern height installation, and wall to pan distance
  • If however you should be presented with a more irregular installation problem, on request this flushpipe can be manufactured to a maximum height of 20″ and a maximum wall to pan length of 36″
  • Now with Tighter Radius
  • Manufactured from one piece, rigid white PVC. On request, horizontal length can be increased to a maximum of 36″.
Part Codes Desc
A141818AA 457mm x 457mm (18″ x 18″) 2″ (50mm) to 1.5/8″ (41mm)