Our Compression x Poly Stopcocks are used for turning off the water from inside, outside and around the home, avoiding the need to drain down the entire system in order to carry out maintenance work. This is also a useful tool when a pipe has unexpectedly burst and you need to quickly stop the water supply before damaging all furniture and personal possessions. Supplied with a handle, this enables the water flow to be easily turned off or on by hand.

  • Compression x Poly
  • For isolating part of the system, this avoids the need to drain down the whole system in order to carry out repairs.
  • Manufactured from high quality materials
  • For connecting copper to MDPE pipe
Part Codes Desc
BBL813 25mm x 25mm
BBL814 15mm x 25mm
BBL815 15mm x 25mm
BBL818 20mm x 20mm
BBL819 22mm x 25mm