WRAS approved. Plastic ball valve pedestal versions. All standard valves are supplied with a fork ended lever 210mm long with 5/16” thread. A swivel ended lever is available which allows the float to be set in a wide range of positions. Brass levers are available. All valves incorporate a simple water level adjustment. Lever lengths available: 155mm, 180mm, 210mm and 231mm. The standard pedestal height is 9.1/2”, but other heights from 7.1/2” to 10.1/2” can be supplied. All valves are supplied as standard with a 1/8” seat fitted and a spare 1/4” seat attached to the lever.

  • WRAS Approved
  • To BS1212 Part 3
  • 8.3/4″ Plastic Arm
  • 1/8″ seat fitted and a spare
  • 1/4″ seat attached to the lever
  • 1/2″ Plastic Tail
  • Bottom Inlet
  • 9.1/2″ Height
Part Codes Desc
DBL451 Fork Ended Lever
DBL451L Brass Lever