• The world’s first cistern designed specifically for the pod / modular construction market
  • Fits into the smallest of voids and can be used in conjunction with most walling/panelling materials


  • Developed in response to the growing trends towards off-site construction
  • Fully reversible design simplifies pod and modular building manufacture
  • Removes need to relocate the inlet valve to fit system pipework
  • Saves money by providing a universal solution that can suit left or right-handed water inlet connections
  • The cistern can be quickly demounted from the supporting panelling, leaving flush pipe securely held in place and still connected to the soil pipe
  • Servicing can be undertaken outside the void where space restrictions can otherwise be challenging
  • Just 110mm deep and 550mm wide
  • Can be fixed to back walls or rear of front-facing panels
  • Fluid category 5 compliant
  • Pneumatic or cable operated flush valve


  • 6/4, 5/3 or 4/2.6 litre flushing


  • Can be supplied with and operated by a wide range of pushbuttons and plates